Thursday, 4 July 2013

cabbage patch dolls and their types

In the past few years cabbage patch kid  production has dramatically increased .Thanks to the persuasive children that have taken a keen interest in these special dolls.

These dolls had a special history as their founder had a keen interest in making these dolls .

With these cabbage patch kids there came new versions of these dolls that are adorable and hard to ignore.One can simply develop a sense of loneliness without these dolls. Last Christmas when children were asked what would they"ll  ask Santa this Christmas.About 30% of them wanted these cabbage patch dolls for their presents .However the point was to show how dramatic the changes have been .So in this blog I am  going to mention about some of the types that these dolls have nowadays.

These  were made in different molds to show their uniqueness .These cabbage patch dolls were given the names with

Coleco head mold #1:This type of doll does not have dimples and was one the first models made
in early 80s.....

coleco #1
Coleco head mold #2:This one has two dimples and the nose is pretty much lenthened and is one of the most common dolls ..

Coleco head mold #3;Has a dimple on the left side ...

Coleco head mold #4: has two dimples and a removable pacifier. These 'paci', as they are known among collectors, are more valuable than some with the other head molds.

Coleco head mold #5:This one has a tooth infront of it .Which makes it even more adorable to buy .

Coleco head mold #6 :It has a wider face and a dimple on the left side .

however there was no head mold  # 7 

Coleco head mold #8 :This one is my favorite with a Chubby face and a dimple in the left cheek .It got me filled with Awe when the first time i laid eyes on it :)

After this Head mold                                                                                                                                               

The rest  could not climb upto  their reputation .So these were some of their types .

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